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FXC™ Steel Cord Belt Fastening System

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When a heavy-duty belt conveyor system faces unexpected and increasingly costly downtime, the FXC™ Steel Cord Belt Fastening System from Flexco becomes the right choice. Whether a temporary splice needs to be installed while waiting for vulcanization or a belt needs to be pulled onto a conveyor system, the FXC™ is the ideal solution to keep on hand for quicker reaction to downtime incidents. 

  • Engineered Solution. Developed and rigorously tested to perform on standard operating belt tensions. 
  • On-Site Availability. Having the FXC™ at your facility makes repairs quick and convenient to avoid extended downtime. 
  • Quick Installation. This product was engineered to allow any team to get a steel cord belt back into operation in as little as half of a workday. 
  • Durable. High quality components designed to ensure strong performance while awaiting vulcanization. 
  • Pre-Splice Capability. The FXC™ Steel Cord Belt Fastening System can be prepared ahead of time on a new roll of belt for minimizing downtime. 

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