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Flexco Load Zone Solutions Contain Dust At Aggregate Operation

Urethane Skirting




Crusher Load Zone 


 Urethane Skirting 


Control spillage and dust 

Minimize maintenance time 

Conveyor Detail 

48”, 3-ply 600 handling 6” minus material 


Spillage has always been a problem for a Midwest aggregate operation and the solution they were using wasn’t performing as efficiently as they had hoped. The maintenance team was using ½” x 6” rubber sheeting to try to seal under a transfer point that was hard to service, causing a housekeeping nightmare. The rubber had to be changed out every two weeks in an attempt to contain the material. This caused material buildup and increased time spent cleaning since one side of the conveyor was against the structure and couldn’t be easily accessed. 


When a Flexco representative gave the maintenance supervisor a half roll of Flexco Urethane Skirting, he was skeptical that there was a better, less expensive way to manage spillage. He installed it and waited for the results.


There was an immediate decrease in maintenance trips for clean up, and the skirting ran for more than two months without adjustment and spillage. Not having to replace the rubber sheeting is saving the plant approximately $10,000 a year. The maintenance supervisor was so impressed that he is replacing all the ½” rubber skirting to urethane throughout the plant, and he is treating other problem areas with the urethane solution.

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