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Flexco Endless Splicing System Turns Pain into Profit for Food Processing Giant

Salt Facility


Food Processing


Endless Belt Splicing


Novitool® Pun M™ 600 Mobile Finger Punch
Novitool® Aero® 625 Splice Press


  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Reduce service costs

Conveyor Detail

2-Ply White Food Grade PVC Conveyor Belt


A subsidiary of a major food processing company focusing on salt production was facing major challenges in their endless splicing process. By using water-cooled splice presses from an outside contractor, their downtime was costing them massively. Not only was it expensive to schedule and operate, but a successful splice was taking up to a full workday, further eating into their bottom line. While hosting Flexco for a light-duty mechanical belt fastener installation, their site manager highlighted these challenges. After further discussion, Flexco’s territory manager suggested a much quicker solution: Flexco’s Endless Splicing Systems.  


On a return site visit, Flexco’s territory manager brought two tools that would meet the specifications of their belt conveyor system for a product demonstration. To start, they looked at the Novitool® Pun M™ 600 Mobile Finger Punch, a specialized tool that punches uniform fingers into the conveyor belt. When spliced with the Novitool® Aero® 625 Splice Press, they were able to see firsthand how efficiently and effectively a full belt splice could be completed. After getting a real feel for Flexco’s endless belt splicing technology, the site manager noted that it was incredibly easy to operate as a first-time user, so they knew it would be a seamless transition for their experienced maintenance team.   


After implementing Flexco’s endless belt splicing system into their process, the site’s maintenance and management teams were blown away. The switch from scheduling a contractor to having all the necessary splicing equipment on site has drastically cut back on downtime and subsequent costs. Moving on from water-cooled presses has allowed their plant managers to service their 10+ conveyor lines much more easily and has allowed their maintenance team to flourish in other areas. With the site's applicational needs and site specifications in mind, they estimate that their Pun M and Aero Press will pay for themselves in approximately three endless splices when compared to their previously used method. 

Product Group

  • Endless Splicing Systems

Product Lines

  • Novitool® Aero® Splice Press
  • Novitool® Pun M™ Mobile Finger Punch


  • Food Processing