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FGP Food Grade Precleaner Removes Carryback And Reduces Maintenance Cost

FGP Food Grade Precleaner


Food processing


Conveying peas, lima beans, and corn


FGP Food Grade Precleaner


Remove carryback
Reduce maintenance time and cost

Conveyor Detail

18" wide rubber modified vinyl, mechanically fastened
9" head pulley
42" wide modular plastic
6" head pulley


A major fruit and vegetable processor in the U.S. was experiencing large amounts of product carryback on the conveyor belt that was not being properly removed by homemade cleaners. The peas, lima beans and corn that were being conveyed caused damp, sticky, and sometimes gritty particles to cling to the belt. Not only did this create a maintenance headache as carryback was sticking to the belt and various components, but the cleaner itself was diffi cult to clean and maintain.


The homemade cleaner did not have a tensioning system so nothing was ensuring the blade-to-belt contact needed for proper cleaning. The FGP Food Grade Precleaner from Flexco was introduced, providing both a tensioning system and easy maintenance.


The plant’s maintenance manager is impressed by the cleaning performance of the FGP and fi nds installation, tension adjustment, and disassembly to be quick and simple for his crew. The cleaning ability virtually eliminates carryback, drastically reducing the amount of time the maintenance team spends cleaning excess materials off the belting and other conveyor components. The FGP also eliminates carryback that falls on to the fl oor and creates a hazardous situation.

Product Group

  • Endless Splicing Systems

Product Line

  • FGP Food Grade Precleaner


  • Food Processing