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Cement Plant Slashes Maintenance Time With HXF2 Precleaner

H-Type with HXF2 Tips Precleaner  HXF2 Precleaner




Conveyor maintenance


H-Type® Precleaner with XF2-Tip


Eliminate carryback
Reduce maintenance time

Conveyor Detail

30" wide, 2 ply rubber belt


An East Coast cement producer has always used a dedicated cleanup crew to shovel carryback material from under conveyors. But recently, thanks to an MSHA mandate that stated no one was allowed to step over piles of carryback, the frequency between cleanups had to increase. The plant was forced to hire two additional employees in order to keep up with the cleanup process. More frequent shoveling also meant the potential for back injuries.


After walking the conveyor, it was recommended that Flexco’s H-Type® Precleaner with the XF2-Tip (HXF2) be installed in two locations to eliminate the problem. The specially formulated, long-wearing urethane blade tip on the cleaner provides impact resistance, minimal deflection, and works with mechanical fasteners. Over the course of a month, the maintenance personnel monitored the conveyor line for carryback accumulation.


The maintenance supervisor was so impressed with the results, that he ordered three more HXF2s and plans to identify additional locations where other Flexco cleaners and trackers can be used to reduce labor hours. Now the plant is allocating the extra labor hours to other important housekeeping tasks, primarily performing planned maintenance on other equipment.

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

Product Line

  • H-Type® Segmented Blade Precleaner


  • Cement

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