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Aggregate Operation Avoids MSHA Fines By Reducing Carryback with the Flexco CBS Continuous Blade Secondary Cleaner

CBS Secondary




Slope belt coming out of the mine


CBS Continuous Blade Secondary Cleaner


Reduce costly fines
Reduce carryback
Reduce clean-up time

Conveyor Detail

48”, 4-ply 1000, 3000 ft. belting


A busy aggregate plant was experiencing carryback in a place that did not bode well with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). One of the conveyors was raining fines onto a walkway where employees and visitors walked below the conveyor. Even though the operation had installed cleaners to handle the problem, they weren’t getting the job done and MSHA was continually issuing clean-up citations. 


After a thorough assessment of the conveyor, a Flexco representative suggested they trial a Flexco CBS Continuous Blade Secondary Cleaner. The heavy-duty blade on the CBS cleaner features a steel backbone holding a carbide leading edge, which is encapsulated in Flexco‘s proprietary polyurethane to provide a long-wearing solution for the belt. When paired with an air tensioner, the blade maintains constant pressure on the belt for excellent cleaning efficiency.


The CBS Continuous Blade Secondary Cleaner increased the cleaning efficiency so that the material being mined is being sent out as sellable material, instead of being cleaned up and placed in the muck pile. The maintenance crew can now also spend more time on other proactive tasks, and less time clearing the area. Clean-up citations from MSHA have also ended in that area of the plant, and the operations team has specified the CBS cleaner into other areas of the plant as well.


Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

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  • CBS Continuous Blade Secondary Cleaner


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